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In the 1820s and ’30s, the American Southwest was rough-and-tumble territory—the true Wild West. English-speaking cowboys, Texas Rangers, and gold prospectors regularly rubbed elbows with Spanish-speaking vaqueros in the local saloons, and a certain amount of linguistic intermixing was inevitable. One Spanish term that caught on with English speakers was vamos, which means “let’s go.“ Cowpokes and dudes alike adopted the word, at first using a range of spellings and pronunciations that varied considerably in their proximity to the original Spanish form. But when the dust settled, the version most American English speakers were using was vamoose. Quite an idea revealed through the etymology and synonyms. My thoughts are indeed aligned similar,I believe travel is not covering a mere distance between 2 points.It’s an experience which we gather and accumulate through multiple such travels during our entire journey.We are all connected by the love of travel . As rightly said “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us” and the greatest affair in our life is to MOVE. So LET US GO and have some experience,be speechless and then a storyteller,buy and be rich.Welcome VAMOOSETRAIL.Let’s wander and lose sight of the shore.

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