Massachusetts Continental loan office certificates of great interest on the certificates out of liquidated inventory invoices, 1786-1787

Massachusetts Continental loan office certificates of great interest on the certificates out of liquidated inventory invoices, 1786-1787

Outlined Dysfunction of your own Collection

Gotten out-of Nathaniel Appleton, Continental loan-administrator, throughout the condition of Massachusetts, [ ] cash, /90 inside the [ ] permits, getting to own focus toward [ ] permits away from liquidated debt amounting in order to [ ] bucks, /ninety specie value, in order to 31st December 1784, for which We have finalized a couple of receipts compared to that tenor and you will big date, [ ]178_.

Massachusetts Continental loan-office miscellaneous receipts

Obtained out-of Nathaniel Appleton, Continental loan-officer, in the condition of Massachusetts, [ ] dollars, /90 into the [ ] licenses, are to own focus on the [ ] loan office licenses amounting to help you [ ] cash, /ninety specie well worth, so you’re able to 30 December 1784, by which We have finalized one or two receipts to that tenor and go out, [ ]178_. Witness my hands, [ ] 178_. Dollars. /ninety.

Obtained off Nathaniel Appleton, Continental financing-administrator, on state from Massachusetts, [ ] Loan-Work environment certification, Zero. [ ] as being the specie value of sundry Financing-Office Licenses cancelled according to account no. [ ] herewith, in which You will find finalized some other receipt with the tenor and you can day. Witness my hand which [ ] day of [ ] 178_. [ ] certificate amounting to help you [ ] toy. /90.

Massachusetts loan-office certificates out-of funded loans, 6% and you can 3% interest

Acquired off Nathaniel Appleton, Commissioner out-of funds on the condition of Massachusetts, the second licenses out of financed financial obligation, viz. One certificate influence appeal at the six percent. yearly on the first-day of January, 1791 payable quarter yearly, and redeemable by costs maybe not exceeding in one seasons the new proportion from eight dollars abreast of one hundred due to dominating and you can attract [ ]. You to definitely certification hit such-like attract regarding first day off January 1801, and you may susceptible to be used into the such as for instance styles [ ]. You to certificate hit appeal in the three percent per year, regarding the first day out-of January 1791, payable quarter annual, payday loans TN and you may redeemable from the pleasure of the You [ ]. Bucks [ ]. Amounting in the entire in order to [ ] staying in complete permits regarding public obligations contained in an announcement with the go out, numbered [ ] wherein I have signed backup invoices.

Massachusetts loan office invoices issued getting desire toward inventory on the 6% and step 3% fund of your own All of us, 1791-1792

Zero. [ ] Commissioner’s Place of work. Acquired out of Nathaniel Appleton, Commissioner from finance in the condition out of Massachusetts, to own attention with the stock regarding the financing of the United states for the [ ], the next figures, viz. amounting in order to [ ] where I have finalized duplicate receipts.

You loan office invoices having placed certificates away from funded obligations, 1791

So it certifies one [ ] keeps placed inside place of work [ ] permits, approved because of the county out-of Massachusetts, amounting, prominent and you will appeal calculated in order to December 31st, 1791, so you can [ ]. Money regarding told you state, according to abstract No. [ ] and that contribution he has got authorized into the that loan recommended because of the a keen work out-of Congress, and also make supply on the financial obligation of one’s Us, introduced August last, 1791.

You loan office invoices to own transmitted certificates on the funded 6% attention of the You

Acquired out of Nathaniel Appleton, commissioner regarding loans, a certification zero. [ ] for [ ] dollars [ ]/100 from the [ ] percent stock, of the advantage from a transfer out-of [ ] bucks [ ]/100 out of [ ].

Acquired of Nathaniel Appleton, commissioner of financing, a certification no. [ ] to own [ ] dollars [ ]/one hundred in the [ ] per cent stock, by advantage off an exchange away from [ ] cash [ ]/100 out-of [ ].

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